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Setting the Scene in Sims 2

Sim Scenes
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Setting scenes for storytelling use in Sims2
The goal of Sim Scenes is to help sim story tellers with the technical aspects of setting up a scene. We hope to improve our scene set up through the use of game animations, pose boxes, hacks, props, lighting, cheats and photographic tips.

Everyone is welcome to share ideas, though we are looking for three basic types of posts:
1) Tutorials - Have knowledge? Please Share!
2) Behind and Before the Scenes - Tell us how you did that or ask for input on how to pull off the shot you want to make happen.
3) Challenges - In order to keep the community active we're planning on having weekly challenges.

General Posting Guidelines

Members are welcome to create new topics. Please keep in mind the purpose of the community when posting topics.
    We are not an advertising community, please do not advertise your legacies, stories or custom content creations here.
    We are not a photo shoot community, please limit picspam to technical critiques, behind the scenes and tutorials.

When posting to the community please do not friend lock entries. Likewise when linking to an entry in your personal journal we ask that the personal journal entry not be friend locked either. This is to allow all members of the community to view all entries and to ease searching for previous topics.

When posting pictures directly to the community please limit the size of each photo to a maximum of 600x450. 600x450 is the size of large resolution photos taken with the in game camera.

If posting multiple pictures directly to the community please keep LJ courtesy in mind and place them under a LJ-Cut. You may have one photo above the cut as a teaser to your post.

Any topics that contain nudity (blurred or un-blurred) or that touch on adult situations should be fully behind a cut and contain a NSFW (Not Safe for Work) / adult situation warning. While this community is tagged as potentially containing reference to adult concepts we would like it to remain as close to PG-13 as possible. Anything that would make a topic R rated or NC-17 should be posted to your personal journal and any links should contain proper warnings.